The igt s+ is one of the most common slot machines in home use. like most older slot machines the are not the most user friendly for home use. when the machine has a problem you get an error code on the door display. the first step when you get an error it so try and clear it by opening and closing the door, if this does not work chances are its time to call in help.if your machine has a rounded face on the button panel and speakers above and below the door look at the Igt S2000 section here.

a list of common error codes is

12 – Low Battery; the battery is a 3.6v half aa soldered to the main board. if your machine has a bill acceptor chances are the machine will need some reprogramming after replacing the battery

21 – Coin In Tilt; Check for jammed coins in the comparitor and optics then close the door if the problem continues most likely one or more part has failed.

3100 – Extra Coin Out; Open/Close Door

3200 – Coin Out Tilt; Open/Close Door

3300 – Hopper Empty; Refill the Hopper & Close Door

41 thru 45 – Reel Tilt; Open/Close Door

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